Patient Advocacy


Our Patient Advocates provide support and a voice for patients who are receiving (or have received) medical, dental and/or behavioral health services. In partnership with both patients and providers, they strive to give patients a voice, increased understanding, and assistance with nonclinical needs, cares and concerns. 

The Patient Advocate studies and researches the social determinants of health among patients – those factors that may challenge the individual’s well-being, compromise their recovery and present environmental stresses and hazards specific to their situation. They help provide clarity on instructions given for clinical care and medication regiments. Advocates also assist to find resources in the community for food, and transportation, and funds for prescriptions. They facilitate the Patient Advisory Council which gives patients an opportunity to directly inform and influence the delivery of Inner City Health Center’s services.

We’re here to listen to your concerns and help you understand your rights as a patient of Inner City Health Center. If you have a matter that you would like to be addressed, please send us your concerns in writing to