Since early 2021, Inner City Health Center’s Congregational Health Ministry has been on the forefront of providing COVID vaccines to the community.   CHM Health Ambassadors have worked with patients who needed to get their vaccine:   “Sandra Douglas, a Health Ambassador at Inner City, is a “God Send,” says one patient, who credits Sandra with her success in completing her COVID-19 shot series, that was required by her surgeon prior to having a major operation.”  

Patients appreciate CHM’s efforts to keep them and their families protected:   “I was greeted with kindness and assurance for doing my part to keep my family safe. My experience went well. The reason I got my shot is because I started to feel selfish. The last thing I want is to leave my family to take care of my children, God forbid, if something was to happen to me.”   CHM reaches out into communities that might not have easy access to COVID vaccine providers. They were at Solid Rock Baptist Church and Denver’s7 took notice.…/demand-for-covid-19…

We have geared up again to have regular COVID-19 vaccination clinics throughout our community! Click here to get details about our upcoming clinics. These vaccinations are at no cost to you, and you even have the chance to get gift cards or other prizes through our Spin to Win program. Just show up at one of our clinics or book your appointment to ensure your time slot.   We have Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen vaccines available at our clinics. Get your first dose, second dose, or booster now!